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Sep 24, 2009

traffic conditions for your current location (CA iPhone)

http://sigalert.com has a slick iphone interface. You can choose to view traffic conditions for your current location and it will prompt you to allow sending your GPS info to the site. The subsequent URL has your latitude and longitude as parameters. I wanted a shortcut on my home screen to always load the site given my current location. This is a task in response agility.

  1. open a new tab in safari
  2. copy this URL into the location bar
  3. hit Go
  4. before the web server redirects you to a new URL with lat + long, cancel the operation by hitting X in the location bar
  5. hit the + to add a bookmark, choose to add to home screen
If the site icon is blank, try again, unless you're ok with a blank icon on your home screen. The timing window is after the site icon loads but before the server redirects you.

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